The Truth About... Souls (part5)

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           Marinja got up and packed up their stuff. She still had questions, but she didn't ask them. She was afraid of the answers. But she already knew the answers to most of them. It was only a matter of time before she had to come to terms with it all. Orlando got up and finished loading the sled with wood.

- Is your son still alive? Marinja finally figured out a question she could ask, which answer she could handle.

- I don't know, he answered thoughtfully. - I think so.He had used his powers to know this about his little fact about his son. - Like I said, he ran away.

- You should go look for him.

- Where would I start? He stopped and looked at her. Head tilted slightly to the left.

- Doesn't matter. At least you've done everything you could to make him feel loved and welcome.

- Yeah... Orlando had to admit what she said made sense. He could do more.

- Does he have magic?

- No.

- So unless he had help, he's here on Amtana, right?

- Yeah, I guess.

- I don't think we'll be needing this wood for a few days. We're going on a trip. Come on! Marinja fetched the horse and tied him to the sled again.

- Marinja?

- Come on!

- Marinja? How are we supposed to do this?

- We're going to fly, off course!

- Fly? He was completely thrown back and confused by this statement. 

- Moonwhisper. He has wings. She pointed at the horse that was just goofing off knocking snow from branches. - Didn't he tell you?

- You're serious? He was in shock.

- When wasn't I? She said and smiled. She went and got the horse and started tying the ropes in front of the sled.

- I don't know what to say to him if I find him... Orlando admitted.

- Don't worry, you'll figure it out! Come on! It will be a fun trip around the planet? Come on Orlando! It's an adventure! She tugged his arm and looked cutely into his eyes. - Please! You can teach me to fly on the way, she joked.

- Okay. I've got nothing to lose!

- That's the spirit! Come on Moonwhisper! Let's go! She got the horse started down toward the cottage. Heavily loaded with wood. - We're going on an adventure. She was skipping with excitement. Orlando, not so much. He let her lead the way down the mountain again and tagged along behind them. What had he let her talk him into?


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