The Truth About... Souls (part3)

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            She could hardly breath. And he realized she felt guilty for three people's deaths. Just not as guilty as he felt.

- Well, I made you a promise. I don't make promises unless I intend to keep them.

- Why were you looking for something? He sighed. Looked up at the sky for a while.

- I wanted to see if there was something else out there for me. I had been gone for over a year when we met. I never went back. I can hear Juna's speech in my head already. She's going to blame it all on me. As if I don't feel guilty enough already. I wasn't even the one who got the Amans after us in the first place... That was all on her. But I have no intentions of rubbing it in. Or blaming anyone.

- She expected you to be there and protect everyone? Didn't she?

- Yeah.

- That's not fair. To put all that responsibility on one person... Marinja shook her head. She looked after Moonwhisper and let out a little laugh. - Better get going. Come on. The horse was almost gone and the rushed after him.

            They caught up with Moonwhisper and walked in silence for a while.

- There. Orlando pointed at something in front of them. - It should be fairly dry now too. As they got nearer Marinja saw that under the snow was a pile of chopped wood. - You really thought I would make you chop wood? He smirked at her.

- You don't think I can do it! She pretended to be offended, got down, picked up a handful of snow and threw it at him.

- I know you can't! He got a handful of snow right back at her. It hit her right in the face. Some went down her back.

- Cold...! So cold...! She went stiff for a little while until the cold shock had settled. - I'm going to kill you! She set after him and she was fast. In fact, she was faster than him and she jumped at him from behind, showing snow down his back. He screamed and got her off of his back and put her down in the snow with just one arm.

- Don't ever do that again! He warned her with a finger pointed at her. Her eyes were glistering at him and she smiled and laughed. Which just made him laugh and he released her. He was even stupid enough to turn his back against her. The icy cold feeling on his belly made him regret that. He turned and ran after her, but she was tiny, quick and very persevering. He soon gave up. She finally stopped and looked for him.

- You're giving up?! She cried out.

- Yes! He yelled back.

- I win!

- Come back now, we've got work to do! She shook her head, afraid of payback. Orlando turned his back on her and started loading the sled with wood. He was halfway done when Marinja finally came over. She sat down on the sled and watched him work for a while.

- Are you hungry? I brought something. She held out her blanket.

- I guess it depends. He wiped off his hands on his pants. - What have you got?

- Cake.

- Cake?

- Apple cake.

- You baked this morning before I woke up?

- Yeah. You want some? Marinja opened the blanket and showed some pieces of cake that she had brought.

- You never cease to amaze me... Orlando took a piece and sat down by her side. - And it tastes good too.

            Marinja wore a smug smile and ate her piece of cake.


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