The Truth About... Souls (part2)


- Tell me about the Ekirs. They had walked for five minutes without talking. It wasn't as steep anymore and it was easier to talk without getting out of breath.

- What do you want to know?

- Everything. I don't really know anything about you or your story. It's all just rumors.

- I don't know where to start.

- How about the beginning? He didn't answer right away. - How many Ekirs were there?

- Six. Seven, he corrected himself. - Depends on how you look at it. Let's say six.

- Ok.

- So there was me, Juna, Nairosa, Asorian, Mjirr and Falnn, he told her. - We traveled a lot. Never lived long in one spot. Maybe a few weeks at the most before we'd move along. The girls has these insane claws in their heel. They can grip and rip apart prey within seconds. The girls did all the hunting. We boys were more into building stuff... He spaced out and Marinja had to talk to get him back.

- Why did you have blue skin?

- To survive on Chava. Two suns. Your skin would be burned within the hour, he pointed at her arms. She was probably a bit cold in those clothes. Her dress didn't cover up her arms at all. She had learned to cope through the years. He made a mental note to get her something new to wear. - It's not much there yet. Mainly rocks and deserts. No living creatures as far as I know. We did built quite a lot of houses there though. A little village. Almost the same size as yours. Obviously made of stone. You can hardly see it from afar. It blends in with the terrain, red rocks. Oh well... Hopes and dreams.

            He had gotten a bit carried away as he spoke. He had imagined it in his head. Been there, smelled it all, felt the two suns on his skin. Though, his skin would be burned easily now too. He was human after all.

- Juna, is she the soul mate? Marinja asked curiously.

- Yeah. He hardly wanted to say her name anymore.

- What happened to the others anyway? Did they die or live on as something else?

- Honestly? I don't know. I mean, Mjirr, Asorian and Nairosa were killed years ago.

- What? Marinja stopped. - What happened?

- I wasn't there. Orlando stopped too. Moonwhisper was stomping and eager to keep going.

- Why not?

- I was looking for something.

- What were you looking for?

- I don't know. He said honestly. - A reason maybe.

- Oh, go on. We'll catch up. Marinja released the horse and he moved along with the sled behind him. - Did you find it?

- Well, I found you...


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