The Truth About... Souls (Part1)

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            He woke up to the smell of food. Fried eggs. Eggs? He opened his eyes and saw Marinja by the fire frying eggs on a pan. The horse was standing up, and they had put a pillow under his head. He scratched his head and sat up.

- Where did you get eggs?

- Magic? She smiled at him.

- You made eggs with magic? He blinked.

- They're not perfect, but they taste alright. Marinja turned one over.

- You made eggs with magic? He repeated rather impressed. He got up and looked at the eggs. They looked good enough. - You made eggs with magic? You're something aren't you? Marinja grabbed two plates and put the eggs on them.

- It's the least I can do. Eat!

            They sat down, Orlando on the chair, Marinja on the bed, and ate.

- What did you put in here?

- I used that? She pointed at a dry plant he had hanging on the wall.

- Chives?

- Chives, yes.

- Hm.

- Where are we going today? Marinja seemed surprisingly rested. Orlando had been up several times that night, getting wood and keeping the fire alive. And generally not being able to sleep because of the thousands of thoughts in his head. She must have gotten up hours ago to make eggs...

- I don't know. We're running out of wood. If we take the sled we can make the horse drag it. That will make the job easier.

- So? We're going up into the woods?

- If you want to.

- What kind of magic are we using to chop wood?

- No magic. Just axes and muscles.

- I don't have muscles.

- Then you'll get some. Orlando put down his plate. - Thank you for breakfast. It was delicious.

- You look tired. Did you have trouble sleeping because of me?

- No. It's got nothing to do with you. He said it in a harsher tone than he had meant to. - Apart from the smell, he added.

- Do you want to talk about it?

- We should get going. He was out the door before she could ask any further questions. He went to the back of the cabin and got a sled he had made the first winter he lived there. He went and got the horse and tied some ropes to it and fastened the sled behind him. Marinja was standing in the doorway looking at him. She had packed something in a blanket.

- I'm not mad at you, he answered before she could ask. - I'm just tired. I'm sorry.

- Come on sourpuss. She just smiled. - Let's go. Which way? Orlando pointed up the hill behind the cottage and they started walking through the snow. It was about thirty centimeters deep, but the sled stayed on top with ease.



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