The Truth About... Creation (part3)

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            Orlando woke up hours later by the sound of laughter. He opened his eyes and saw Marinja standing there with the horse's head close to her. He rolled over and sat up. He must have been sleeping a bit restlessly, considering he was a meter away from where he had fallen asleep. Marinja was whispering something in the horse's ear and he looked at Orlando.

- Are you two sharing secrets? He asked them.

- None of your busyness, answered Marinja and smiled.

- Did you name him yet?

- Moonwhisper.

- Are you okay with that? He asked the horse and the horse nodded once.

- He's got a bit of a limp still.

- It'll pass. He's just a bit stiff after the wound. You did a really good job on healing it though. You can hardly see it.

- I did my best. Are you hungry? We went apple picking. She pointed at a pile of apples on the ground.

- Starving. She threw him an apple and he took a bite. - And I'm still tired.

- Me too.

- Let's eat and pack up and go back to the cottage to sleep tonight.

            Marinja stood still as if she was waiting for the rest of the message. He frowned and thought for a few seconds and then he sighed.

- We can't bring him.

- But he's an easy target with his limp Orlando!

- He'll be cold there, it's winter, remember?

- We're not going to leave him outside, she said stubbornly.

- You get to clean up after him.

- No problem. Did you hear that? She turned to the horse. - You can come home with us if you want!

            Home. Us. He wanted to point out how it wasn't her home, and that there was no "us". But he couldn't bring himself to saying those words. Every part of his body felt like they would break as he tried to speak. So he took another piece of the apple and shut his mouth. Marinja almost jumped when he got up and walked away to be alone. He didn't walk far before he stopped and hid behind a tree to cry. It took him several minutes to pull himself together.

            When he came back Marinja had gathered everything he had brought there and was ready to leave. She was yawning. She looked worried at him, but she said nothing as he drew the portal and let her and the horse go through. He picked up their stuff and followed into the cold cottage. Lit the fire with just a look at the fire place and put down all the stuff on a shelf.

            The horse lay down in front of the fire. Marinja crept into bed. Orlando sat down resting his back against the horse. Looking at the flames. He fell asleep. He woke up later when Marinja snuggled up against him.

- You smell.

- Good night Orlando.

- Good night Marinja. Sweet dreams. He kissed her forehead and she looked at him. Examined him. He tried not to look at her, but he caught her eyes for half a second. Then she put her head down on his shoulder again and went to sleep. Orlando put his arms around her and rested his head on hers and closed his eyes. He sat awake for a long time before he could sleep that night. He was so tired, but his brain wouldn't shut down.



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