The Truth About... Creation (part2)

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          He suddenly woke up with a twitch. He had dosed off. He looked around him. It was getting lighter outside, it was almost morning. Marinja was still going strong with her work. He looked over her shoulder and found the wound to be only a third of what it had been before. And she seemed to have speed up a little too.

            It was no longer use for him making new blood cells, and soon it would be warm enough with the heat from the sun. Orlando got up and tried to rub the sleepiness out of his eyes. He walked over to the river and drank some water. Drew a cup out of nowhere and filled it. Then he brought it up and gave it to Marinja. She drank quickly and sighed.

- I know you're tired. But you're almost done now. I'll go get something to eat. When you're done we can sleep all day.

            She nodded, hardly managing to keep her eyes open. He turned and walked a few steps before she spoke.

- Is he out of danger now? He turned and smiled.

- Yes, you saved his life already. Marinja smiled like a little sunshine in the early morning hours. -  Doesn't mean you can stop now. Keep going.

Orlando walked off and in between the trees. Looked around for anything they could eat. He found some mushrooms and some blueberries that he picked and put into a big leaf. Then he pulled up a few roots he found to be safe to eat. He climbed a tree and picked a few apples and dropped down to the ground.

He found some dry wood and went to the river bank and lit a fire. Built a safe pit with some big stones. He wouldn't want to risk setting the whole planet on fire. Again he picked something out of thin air. A cauldron that he filled with some water. Then a knife. He got the food and started chopping it into pieces and threw it into the cauldron. As it was simmering he went back to check on Marinja. He found her sleeping on top of the horse. The only sign of the wound was a thin red line, hardly visible through the fur.

Orlando picked up the little sleeping girl and carried her down to the river where he gently shook her awake.

- You need to eat first. Sit up. He put a bowl with food in her hands and yawned. Marinja fell asleep between every mouthful and he had to wake her up several times before just letting her sleep.

- You did well. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. He put out the fire and picked up Marinja again and put her down by the horse again. She would want to know when he'd wake up. Then he sat down with his back against a tree and his eyes closed immediately.


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