The Truth About... Creation (part1)

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            Orlando sat down behind her and moved her hands towards the wound.

- I'll show you what to do. Look. He put his fingers down the wound and started putting things back together at the very bottom. Veins and flesh bound together again. Marinja drew back a little bit, but she couldn't escape. He was right there to catch her. - You can't close your eyes if you want to do a good job. I will help you. Don't worry. Come on. He took her hands and put them closer to the wound. She was trembling. - Breath Marinja. You can do this.

- I feel sick.

- I noticed. Just focus on one part at a time. One tiny little spot. Imagine it being bound together again. Healed. Fixed. You can do it. He moved her hand down into the wound. She was trembling terribly.

- Oh no! She wanted to run away so badly. She looked away. Into his shoulder.

- Breath Marinja. Remember to breath and everything will be alright. Just Breath. He held her hand until she could control her trembling and told her to breath. She finally calmed and turned to look at the wound. Took a few very deep breaths. - Ok. Now start at the bottom. Connect flesh to flesh, blood vessel to blood vessel. Can you see them? She nodded.

And she started. Connected a very tiny part of the horses ripped muscle back together again. And then another part. She looked at Orlando for confirmation. He nodded and smiled encouraging.

- Remember to breath.

            And she continued. One small part at a time. It was time consuming work. Once in a while she'd look at him for confirmation again. After the first blood vessel was put back together. It was so tiny, and he knew she was afraid it wouldn't transport the blood properly. But she was so careful and thorough he hardly had to help at all. He just made sure to produce new blood cells and keep the horse warm. And, he kept it light enough for Marinja to see. She hadn't noticed how late it was. Her focus was amazing. He admired her determination.


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