The Truth About... Communication (part 5)

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            Orlando finally got up and cut in.

- Calm down you idiot! Or do you want to die? Marinja stopped and looked at him. Since he had directed his words just at the horse, she could not understand what he was saying. The horse stopped and halted. - Yeah, you're dying, so stop acting up. She just wants to help you. Her name is Marinja by the way. The horse backed up a little bit then stopped. - Yes, I know she's dirty. Yes, she smells too. He looked at Marinja. - He doesn't want your help because you're dirty and you smell.

            Marinja looked like she was about to cry again. Orlando ignored her and walked over to the horse. Obviously, the fact that he had this power and had used it countless times, made it much easier for him to earn someone's trust.

- Thing is; your life depends on her ability to help you. So it's your choice. He turned and walked toward Marinja. - Let's see if he's as stubborn as you are. Orlando stopped with the back against the horse.

- He's coming, Marinja smiled at the horse.

- Good, he's not as stubborn as you. Wait here, I'll be right back. Orlando vanished in front of Marinja's eyes for a few seconds, and then he was back with some fabric.

- We need water, Marinja concluded with. - Where can we find water? She asked the horse and he nodded in the direction where the other horses had gone.

- Let's go.

            It was getting dark. They hadn't eaten since breakfast, but nobody was complaining. They walked slowly down toward the small river. The poor horse was in bad shape, but he was a fighter.

- Good boy! Marinja encouraged him every now and then. - Just a little longer. His fur was sweaty and when they reached the riverbank he fell down on his knees, then lay down. Breathing heavily. His head on the ground, resting.

            Orlando tore the fabric into strips and dipped them in the cold water, then starter cleaning the wound on the horse. A long tear on his flank. And it was deep.

- Can you keep him still? Marinja sat down by his head and whispered in his ear. He laid his head on her lap. What she was saying to keep him still, he had no idea, but it worked. He cleaned the wound as quickly as he could. The ground was covered with bloody sheets of fabric scraps when he was finished.

- Orlando? He's not answering anymore! He looked at Marinja.

- He just passed out from the blood loss. The cut is really deep.

- We have to hurry.

- Marinja, I'm not going to let him die. He'd be dead hours ago.

- You're keeping him alive? She said as if she couldn't really believe him.

- Off course I am! You begged for his life. Marinja got up, horse's head fell on the ground. With tears in her eyes she flung herself on Orlando and hugged him.

- Thank you!

- Okay, okay. Now go wash your hands. I need you to heel this guy.

- Me?!

- You can do it. He said it with such certainty that she couldn't argue with him.

            Marinja went and washed her hands. She came down, trembling. The water was freezing. Orlando warmed her up and told her to sit down by the wound. Seeing the wound up close made her go pale.

- At least he's knocked out. He won't bother us while we work.

- I think I'm going to be sick!

- Marinja, pull yourself together! She closed her eyes and swallowed. Took a deep breath and opened her eyes again. She got even paler, but she didn't throw up after all.

- Okay, tell me what to do!



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