The Truth About... Communication (part 4)

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Marinja sat down on the ground to look less terrifying.

- Hi, she started talking to it. - I'm Marinja. She looked back at Orlando. - How do I know if he understands me?

- Gut feeling? He wasn't sure, he had never even thought about it. He just knew. He could not remember ever failing at this power. He wasn't even sure if he was using it, or if it was using him at times.

- Great, she answered and looked at the horse. - I'm Marinja, and this is my friend Orlando. She pointed at him. - I can see you're hurt. We would like to help you if you'll let us?

            There was no reaction at all. Marinja tried again with the same words. Still nothing.

- Focus on one thing at the time. When you're telling him your name, imagine yourself and put that imagine inside his head. She took a deep breath before trying again.

- I'm Marinja. A few seconds of silence. - I'm Marinja.

- Don't give up, Orlando encouraged her.

- I'm Marinja. She tried again and again and again, until she looked at him with tears in her eyes. - I can't do it. He doesn't understand me at all. He's going to die and it's my fault. I'm not doing it right.

- Yes you are! Orlando sat still and thought about it for a while. He looked at the horse and back at Marinja. Then it finally hit him.

- Try and tell him who I am again, he said slowly.

- This is my friend Orlando, she said, followed by a gasp. The horse turned his head. She looked at Orlando with her mouth open. Clearly surprised.

- You weren't doing it wrong, you just don't know what you look like. He didn't understand who you were talking about. Go on. Talk to him again.

- What was I saying? She was getting tired already from focusing.

- You were telling him we want to help him.

- Right. She turned and talked to the horse again. - We want to help you. She repeated herself a few times, but he didn't understand. - We can mend your wound. The horse snorted as a reply. - Yes we can! Another snort. - May I come over and take a closer look? No answer, but he had understood. Marinja got up and took a small step toward him. He was about to run, but he fell. Marinja acted on instinct and got closer, which only upset him further and made him get up again to run.



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