The Truth About... Communication (part 3)

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- Don't! Marinja was about to run after it, but Orlando stopped her before she could move. - It will only make it worse. He'll bleed to death before you can even get to him.

- We're going to help it! She protested.

- Yes, but we're not going to use your way.

- It's getting away!

- He's not going to get very far. He's hurt, remember? Marinja finally stopped to listen. - We have to earn his trust, otherwise he won't let us near enough to help him.

- How?

- Communication, magic. Come on, let's find him first. They walk over to the place they had seen the horse disappear. Bloodstains showed which way he had gone. They followed as quietly as they could. It only took a few minutes before they saw him. He was lying on the ground. - Say something you can easily picture in your head. As you say it, picture it. Imagine that picture inside the horse's head too. Marinja stood still. Thinking. And thinking. Then she looked at him for help. - Tell him something about yourself?

- What's there to tell?

- Tell him where you're from? Marinja closed her eyes for a little while. Imagined her home. Then she shook her head and looked sadly at him. Not a pleasant memory.

- Ok? Let's see... Can you imagine the meaning behind the words you are saying?

- This is hard! She looked like she was going to give up before even trying.

- His life depends on your ability to use this power. He pushed her buttons and she gave him a glare before turning toward the horse, taking another two steps toward him. 


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Sima Sophian

24.03.2017 kl.21:00

I liked this :)

Beyond Legend

24.03.2017 kl.21:09

Sima Sophian: thank you!

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