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The Truth About... Evil (part3)

            They sat down by a table and ordered today's food. A chicken stew. The woman serving stopped for a little while and looked at Marinja.

- Someone was here a while ago, I think they were asking for you, she said. - Wouldn't head west if I were you.

- Thank you! Marinja replied. - Did they say why they were looking for me?

- I believe the words he used were "she's my property and I want her back". It's not how we Amans do things... She wandered off, shaking her head. Happy she could help.

- I like her.

- She reminds me of my mother, Marinja said quietly. She had not seen her family in days. Neither had she said properly goodbye. They were probably worried.

- I've never had a mother.

- I can't imagine what that's like.

- I can't imagine the opposite, he said calmly. - She's not going to say anything. That's good.

            Marinja kept looking over her shoulder to see if anyone came in through the door. Orlando switched places with her to calm her mind.

- What are you thinking about? She asked suddenly.

- Just about demons. It was a demon that destroyed Godessa. It's a big mystery if you ask me. Soul less creature. Shouldn't be able to die. But yet, he did. And he found his way to God and Godessa and pushed her through the portal of destruction.

- What's the portal of destruction?

- It's a doorway that destroys souls. Like, really dying, I suppose. Never existing ever again. Some souls go because they are tired of it all. But I've heard some are destroyed as punishment. I don't know.

- Why Godessa?

- Why not him you mean?

- Yeah.

- No idea. God pushed him through the portal to keep him from doing more destruction. I think God will follow Godessa after a while. He misses her too much to go on without her.

            Orlando rented a room for the night, one with two separate beds. Not that he thought it would work, but he figured it was worth a shot. They had gone to bed when Marinja talked. She lay looking at the ceiling. Flat on her back.

- You taught me a lot about the soul power yesterday... And I think you're wrong. I think it would be possible to evolve your powers into making new souls.

- That might be true, but... who would want that responsibility? Every soul made will impact thousands of others. You'd really have to know what you're doing.

- Yeah... That's true. She turned and looked at him. - I think you would be good at it. Making good souls. Kind souls.

- Good night Marinja, Orlando sighed and smiled. He didn't really think she understood completely how complex a job it would be to make a soul. He turned his back against her trying to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come to him. Not at first. Not until the little human girl had curled up behind him. Finally, he admitted to himself that he enjoyed the company, having been alone most of the time for several years.

The Truth About... Evil (Part2)


            They were off right after breakfast. He couldn't stay there for any longer than he absolutely had to. The Innkeeper left the work for his wife this morning. He was nowhere to be seen.

After flying for half an hour they hit the next little town. Asking around. Then moving along to another village.

            They had been asking around for a while and met up again by a small Inn.

- Nothing?

- Nope... I'm starving. How about lunch? He asked and she nodded.

            They walked in for a meal, had only taken two steps inside when Marinja suddenly dragged him off and outside again. He almost stumbled and just stood there looking at her when she stopped around the corner. Waiting for an explanation. 

- Gremjan is here.

- Who? He was confused enough already. Her eyes wandered back and forth. She was nervous. Trembling actually.

- The soul mate... We have to go! She was slightly panicky.

- He's here?! Orlando blinked. He walked over to a window, not caring that Marinja was trying to pull him back. He looked through and saw the guy that must be her soul mate. He was the only human there. - That's him?! He frowned and looked at Marinja. - He's older than I am! He's old!

- What?! I haven't noticed! She said sarcastically. - Can we please leave now? He's probably here looking for me.

            Orlando turned his head and looked at the guy again. He was going grey. Hair thinning out. Didn't look like a very sympathetic guy. In fact, his two buddies made Orlando back away from the window instantly. A shiver down his spine and bones.

- Time to go! He grabbed Marinja's hand and they ran. This time she was the confused one. But she ran along with him, no questions asked. They grabbed the horse, he was calmly eating grass on a nearby field, and they rushed off. Orlando steered the horse to a nearby hill where they could see the village and all roads leading in and out of it. He sat down looking down at it. Marinja sat down beside him.

- What's wrong?

- Who are the guys that were with him?

- I didn't see. Was it a tall blonde guy and a short old grey haired one?

- Yes.

- They freak me out.

- Yeah?

- They don't have feelings. Did you see it too? It's not just me?

- Demons Marinja.

- Demons? She had heard the term before and she shuddered.

- Dark magic. Evil. It's like a parasite. Once you get in touch with it you can't get rid of it. It will eat your soul and take over the body... But there will only be a hollow space trying to fulfill its own needs left. Not being able to feel or understand other creatures or care for them.

- That sounds awful.

- The power of destruction.

- So there's no way you can get rid of it? What if you die?

- I suppose... Maybe. Yeah, if you fight it hard enough, it'll probably kill you so it can find someone else to devour.

- I heard someone say that there is a devil somewhere that controls all dark magic trying to take over, one body at a time... But I think that's just something people say to scare the kids from going places they shouldn't.

- Perhaps there's more truth to that than we'd like to think.

            She looked at him with blank eyes. But she wouldn't let herself cry. She blinked and looked down at the village. They sat in silence for a long time. Then, finally, a group of three men were leaving by horse.

- That's them. Orlando didn't answer. They were heading in the direction he had been planning to go. - Maybe this trip wasn't such a good idea after all...

- Do you think there are more people out looking for you? He turned his head and looked at her. She was still looking at the small group of men in the distance as she answered.

- Hard to say. I wouldn't recon they could spare that many people to go look for me. We could go back and ask around about them, just to check what they are up to?

- Good idea. He got up instantly. - And I'm still hungry. I don't suppose they'll go back there anytime soon.


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The Truth About... Evil (Part1)

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           He woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of someone opening the door. It was the Inn-keeper. Orlando sat up to show himself. Show he was awake.  

- Get out! He mouthed the words, trying not to wake up Marinja. He pointed a finger at the guy and moved it in the direction of the corridor. Simple instruction; go away. He backed away slowly, closed the door and Orlando heard footsteps down the corridor. He had given up and would not return.

           Marinja moved and he turned to look at her. Still fast asleep. Still right by his side. Still smelly. She was just a little girl, she shouldn't be in this position. Silly little girl, really. Just a child.


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The Truth About... Souls (part7)

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            They met back at the same spot some time later. It was getting late, they were both hungry. And there was no new lead on the kid.

- At least I found a place to stay, said Marinja. She showed the way to a bigger house that worked as an Inn. They sat down and were served a warm meal. They ate in silence, Orlando was fiddling with a ring on his right arm, occasionally he forgot to eat. He suddenly noticed Marinja was looking at him. Like she had questions, but didn?t want to interrupt his thoughts. He couldn?t remember what he had been thinking about.

- Where did you get the ring? She asked, now that she knew she had his attention.

- I made it, years ago. And by years ago, he meant before everything had gone so terribly wrong.

- It's pretty. It was just a plain ring, nothing special. - Rings are full of promises. What's the story? Orlando took the ring of and handed it to Marinja, who took it and examined it.

- It was made back in the days when I believed in love. He tried not to sound bitter, but by the way she looked at him he knew he had failed. - You can keep it if you like. Her eyebrows raised for a few seconds. Then she put the ring on her thumb.

- It's too big. She laughed and handed it back to him. - Let's go to bed. It's been a long day.

- Did you feed the horse?

- He's in the stable.

- And I guess I'm the one paying for all this? Marinja blushed and looked down at the table. She owned nothing more than the clothes she was wearing. And they weren't much to brag about.

            Orlando got up and had a quick chat with the Inn-keeper and they got shown to their rooms down the hall.

- Good night Marinja.

- Good night Orlando.

            He went into his room and sat down on the bed. Took his shoes off. Marinja was still standing by her door looking after him. After a couple of minutes he heard her door close and a bed creek. He sighed, put his shoes back on and got up. Opened his door and went over to her door and listened. She was already asleep. The Inn-keeper came peeping down the hall. A bad feeling took place and stuck inside Orlando. He gently opened the girl's door and went inside and sat down on the bed by her feet. There was no way he'd leave her alone. Even if she could defend herself... He wasn't completely sure she'd be able to if she was woken up like that.

            His eyes fell shut again and again. He had a slight memory of Marinja putting a blanket over him.


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The Truth About... Souls (part6)

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It was late before they were on their way. Orlando put Marinja up on the horse and sat behind her.

- I hope he can manage the weight?

- Don't worry, you're not that fat! Marinja laughed and Moonwhisper spread his huge golden wings out of nowhere and took flight. He flapped his wings and after a few minutes he was soaring gently through the air.

- Orlando?

- Yeah?

- Are there no other souls out there with the magic for making souls?

- Off course there are.

- Why can't they take over after Godessa and God?

- It's not that simple.

- Care to explain that?

- Well? They have to have life experience to make good souls. They have to be soul mates. Also, they have to get along and like to work together. I suppose at least one of them should have the truth magic too.

- For insight?

- Yes. The hardest part is that the power has to be part of their soul. It can't be some loose magic. It wouldn't work. Being such a rare magical power... It will be a challenge finding two that meet the requirement.

- Don't you think God and Godessa created a pair of souls to take their place when they got tired of it?

- You'd think that. I don't know. Maybe they failed at it? Maybe they couldn't find the magic to put into two souls?

- What will happen if nobody can take over, ever?

- Species will die out I suppose. Planets will be deserted, perhaps.

- That would be a disaster.

- Maybe.

- There! Marinja pointed at lights in the distance. He knew what she was thinking. It was a little village. The perfect place to ask around. Moonwhisper was also following her thoughts and started lowering down toward it. He was tired too. He needed rest. And food.

            They entered the village on foot. Small houses made of wood.

- I guess we'll just have to ask around, Marinja suggested.

- If he doesn't want to be found we won't find him. He knows how to work around my powers.

- At least he'll hear someone is looking for him. Then he can decide for himself. Just tell people where he can find you if he wants to.

- Stop being so smart. He smiled and pointed with both hands in different directions, suggesting they go in different directions. She nodded and walked off. He walked in the opposite direction.


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The Truth About... Souls (part5)

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           Marinja got up and packed up their stuff. She still had questions, but she didn't ask them. She was afraid of the answers. But she already knew the answers to most of them. It was only a matter of time before she had to come to terms with it all. Orlando got up and finished loading the sled with wood.

- Is your son still alive? Marinja finally figured out a question she could ask, which answer she could handle.

- I don't know, he answered thoughtfully. - I think so.He had used his powers to know this about his little fact about his son. - Like I said, he ran away.

- You should go look for him.

- Where would I start? He stopped and looked at her. Head tilted slightly to the left.

- Doesn't matter. At least you've done everything you could to make him feel loved and welcome.

- Yeah... Orlando had to admit what she said made sense. He could do more.

- Does he have magic?

- No.

- So unless he had help, he's here on Amtana, right?

- Yeah, I guess.

- I don't think we'll be needing this wood for a few days. We're going on a trip. Come on! Marinja fetched the horse and tied him to the sled again.

- Marinja?

- Come on!

- Marinja? How are we supposed to do this?

- We're going to fly, off course!

- Fly? He was completely thrown back and confused by this statement. 

- Moonwhisper. He has wings. She pointed at the horse that was just goofing off knocking snow from branches. - Didn't he tell you?

- You're serious? He was in shock.

- When wasn't I? She said and smiled. She went and got the horse and started tying the ropes in front of the sled.

- I don't know what to say to him if I find him... Orlando admitted.

- Don't worry, you'll figure it out! Come on! It will be a fun trip around the planet? Come on Orlando! It's an adventure! She tugged his arm and looked cutely into his eyes. - Please! You can teach me to fly on the way, she joked.

- Okay. I've got nothing to lose!

- That's the spirit! Come on Moonwhisper! Let's go! She got the horse started down toward the cottage. Heavily loaded with wood. - We're going on an adventure. She was skipping with excitement. Orlando, not so much. He let her lead the way down the mountain again and tagged along behind them. What had he let her talk him into?


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The Truth About... Souls (part4)

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- So... You said you were six, then seven, then six Ekirs. What's that all about? She said while chewing. Orlando swallowed his last piece of cake.

- Well... He scratched his hair. He let all the air out of his lungs and took a deep breath. - Well, there's a kid too.

- Who is he?

- My son. He didn't have to look at her to know her jaw had dropped. - Go on. Just ask. He could almost see the questions forming inside her head.

- How old is he?

- He's about your age I think.

- Why didn't you count him in as one of the Ekirs?

- Because he ran away.

- Why?

- I don't know. To be honest, I didn't have much to do with him to begin with.

- That doesn't sound like you. What happened?

- Juna wanted a kid. I gave in, he said shortly.

- The long version of the story, please. She asked nicely. He looked at her debating how much to tell a little kid. She was waiting patiently for his reply. And he knew he had to tell her, because it was important that she knew.

- You know about virgin souls?

- No...?

- After a soul is made it will fall pregnant after the first time having sex. Or in the case of a boy, make someone pregnant. It was made like that so that species would expand rather quickly. So we were six Ekirs, three couples. If we got the thumbs up we would multiply rather quickly just by having kids. In addition, God would make adult bodies for more new souls. You see where I'm going with this?

- I think so. She looked rather pale.

- We were young. Had been to so many places. Seen so much. We had developed into this group that others liked to call Ekirs. And we were waiting for the thumbs up, along with a lot of other groups of animals. Waiting to go to live on Chava. And suddenly Juna said she wanted to start expanding our kind. She wanted a baby. I said no, at first, but she nagged and nagged. So I gave in. She argued that it would happen eventually, and I realized she was right.

            Orlando stared at the snow in front of him.

- You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I can see it makes you sad. He looked Marinja in the eyes and smiled sadly. He sighed.

- That's when I understood Juna wasn't interested in me. She didn't care about us. It was all about her having her baby. It wasn't about us. It was about getting it over and done with as quickly as possible. Then she was done with me and she left. She didn't care about my feelings or my needs. It was a big mistake. And I told her that. She took the kid and served him lies about how I didn't want him. Wouldn't let me near him. She wanted to punish me. He believed her, who wouldn't believe their mother? I didn't know what to do to make things right with him. We were all just fighting constantly. All of us. And I felt everyone was blaming me for everything. Then we got the news about Godessa and I left. Looking for something else. I had enough lies. I wanted to see if there was a place for me somewhere else. Juna was set on leaving. If she couldn't be what she had worked for her whole life, she would rather die. And she got everyone to agree with her. I guess I wanted a reason to live. Or just a good reason not to go back. Something like that. I don't know.


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The Truth About... Souls (part3)

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            She could hardly breath. And he realized she felt guilty for three people's deaths. Just not as guilty as he felt.

- Well, I made you a promise. I don't make promises unless I intend to keep them.

- Why were you looking for something? He sighed. Looked up at the sky for a while.

- I wanted to see if there was something else out there for me. I had been gone for over a year when we met. I never went back. I can hear Juna's speech in my head already. She's going to blame it all on me. As if I don't feel guilty enough already. I wasn't even the one who got the Amans after us in the first place... That was all on her. But I have no intentions of rubbing it in. Or blaming anyone.

- She expected you to be there and protect everyone? Didn't she?

- Yeah.

- That's not fair. To put all that responsibility on one person... Marinja shook her head. She looked after Moonwhisper and let out a little laugh. - Better get going. Come on. The horse was almost gone and the rushed after him.

            They caught up with Moonwhisper and walked in silence for a while.

- There. Orlando pointed at something in front of them. - It should be fairly dry now too. As they got nearer Marinja saw that under the snow was a pile of chopped wood. - You really thought I would make you chop wood? He smirked at her.

- You don't think I can do it! She pretended to be offended, got down, picked up a handful of snow and threw it at him.

- I know you can't! He got a handful of snow right back at her. It hit her right in the face. Some went down her back.

- Cold...! So cold...! She went stiff for a little while until the cold shock had settled. - I'm going to kill you! She set after him and she was fast. In fact, she was faster than him and she jumped at him from behind, showing snow down his back. He screamed and got her off of his back and put her down in the snow with just one arm.

- Don't ever do that again! He warned her with a finger pointed at her. Her eyes were glistering at him and she smiled and laughed. Which just made him laugh and he released her. He was even stupid enough to turn his back against her. The icy cold feeling on his belly made him regret that. He turned and ran after her, but she was tiny, quick and very persevering. He soon gave up. She finally stopped and looked for him.

- You're giving up?! She cried out.

- Yes! He yelled back.

- I win!

- Come back now, we've got work to do! She shook her head, afraid of payback. Orlando turned his back on her and started loading the sled with wood. He was halfway done when Marinja finally came over. She sat down on the sled and watched him work for a while.

- Are you hungry? I brought something. She held out her blanket.

- I guess it depends. He wiped off his hands on his pants. - What have you got?

- Cake.

- Cake?

- Apple cake.

- You baked this morning before I woke up?

- Yeah. You want some? Marinja opened the blanket and showed some pieces of cake that she had brought.

- You never cease to amaze me... Orlando took a piece and sat down by her side. - And it tastes good too.

            Marinja wore a smug smile and ate her piece of cake.


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The Truth About... Souls (part2)


- Tell me about the Ekirs. They had walked for five minutes without talking. It wasn't as steep anymore and it was easier to talk without getting out of breath.

- What do you want to know?

- Everything. I don't really know anything about you or your story. It's all just rumors.

- I don't know where to start.

- How about the beginning? He didn't answer right away. - How many Ekirs were there?

- Six. Seven, he corrected himself. - Depends on how you look at it. Let's say six.

- Ok.

- So there was me, Juna, Nairosa, Asorian, Mjirr and Falnn, he told her. - We traveled a lot. Never lived long in one spot. Maybe a few weeks at the most before we'd move along. The girls has these insane claws in their heel. They can grip and rip apart prey within seconds. The girls did all the hunting. We boys were more into building stuff... He spaced out and Marinja had to talk to get him back.

- Why did you have blue skin?

- To survive on Chava. Two suns. Your skin would be burned within the hour, he pointed at her arms. She was probably a bit cold in those clothes. Her dress didn't cover up her arms at all. She had learned to cope through the years. He made a mental note to get her something new to wear. - It's not much there yet. Mainly rocks and deserts. No living creatures as far as I know. We did built quite a lot of houses there though. A little village. Almost the same size as yours. Obviously made of stone. You can hardly see it from afar. It blends in with the terrain, red rocks. Oh well... Hopes and dreams.

            He had gotten a bit carried away as he spoke. He had imagined it in his head. Been there, smelled it all, felt the two suns on his skin. Though, his skin would be burned easily now too. He was human after all.

- Juna, is she the soul mate? Marinja asked curiously.

- Yeah. He hardly wanted to say her name anymore.

- What happened to the others anyway? Did they die or live on as something else?

- Honestly? I don't know. I mean, Mjirr, Asorian and Nairosa were killed years ago.

- What? Marinja stopped. - What happened?

- I wasn't there. Orlando stopped too. Moonwhisper was stomping and eager to keep going.

- Why not?

- I was looking for something.

- What were you looking for?

- I don't know. He said honestly. - A reason maybe.

- Oh, go on. We'll catch up. Marinja released the horse and he moved along with the sled behind him. - Did you find it?

- Well, I found you...


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The Truth About... Souls (Part1)

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            He woke up to the smell of food. Fried eggs. Eggs? He opened his eyes and saw Marinja by the fire frying eggs on a pan. The horse was standing up, and they had put a pillow under his head. He scratched his head and sat up.

- Where did you get eggs?

- Magic? She smiled at him.

- You made eggs with magic? He blinked.

- They're not perfect, but they taste alright. Marinja turned one over.

- You made eggs with magic? He repeated rather impressed. He got up and looked at the eggs. They looked good enough. - You made eggs with magic? You're something aren't you? Marinja grabbed two plates and put the eggs on them.

- It's the least I can do. Eat!

            They sat down, Orlando on the chair, Marinja on the bed, and ate.

- What did you put in here?

- I used that? She pointed at a dry plant he had hanging on the wall.

- Chives?

- Chives, yes.

- Hm.

- Where are we going today? Marinja seemed surprisingly rested. Orlando had been up several times that night, getting wood and keeping the fire alive. And generally not being able to sleep because of the thousands of thoughts in his head. She must have gotten up hours ago to make eggs...

- I don't know. We're running out of wood. If we take the sled we can make the horse drag it. That will make the job easier.

- So? We're going up into the woods?

- If you want to.

- What kind of magic are we using to chop wood?

- No magic. Just axes and muscles.

- I don't have muscles.

- Then you'll get some. Orlando put down his plate. - Thank you for breakfast. It was delicious.

- You look tired. Did you have trouble sleeping because of me?

- No. It's got nothing to do with you. He said it in a harsher tone than he had meant to. - Apart from the smell, he added.

- Do you want to talk about it?

- We should get going. He was out the door before she could ask any further questions. He went to the back of the cabin and got a sled he had made the first winter he lived there. He went and got the horse and tied some ropes to it and fastened the sled behind him. Marinja was standing in the doorway looking at him. She had packed something in a blanket.

- I'm not mad at you, he answered before she could ask. - I'm just tired. I'm sorry.

- Come on sourpuss. She just smiled. - Let's go. Which way? Orlando pointed up the hill behind the cottage and they started walking through the snow. It was about thirty centimeters deep, but the sled stayed on top with ease.



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The Amtana Solar System


Chi-Mir is the sun. It's red when you look at it from Amtana.

Jenele is the smallest planet, it's inhabited by horses. 

Amtana is the only planet with moons. Itmas and Amevlet. Amtana has many creatures, Amans being one of them.

Egjin is as the name suggests inhabited by dragons. I wouldn't recommend going there... 

Larona is the biggest planet. But it is deserted, as it is too cold to live on, and it has an unfriendly atmosphere. 


The Truth About... Creation (part3)

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            Orlando woke up hours later by the sound of laughter. He opened his eyes and saw Marinja standing there with the horse's head close to her. He rolled over and sat up. He must have been sleeping a bit restlessly, considering he was a meter away from where he had fallen asleep. Marinja was whispering something in the horse's ear and he looked at Orlando.

- Are you two sharing secrets? He asked them.

- None of your busyness, answered Marinja and smiled.

- Did you name him yet?

- Moonwhisper.

- Are you okay with that? He asked the horse and the horse nodded once.

- He's got a bit of a limp still.

- It'll pass. He's just a bit stiff after the wound. You did a really good job on healing it though. You can hardly see it.

- I did my best. Are you hungry? We went apple picking. She pointed at a pile of apples on the ground.

- Starving. She threw him an apple and he took a bite. - And I'm still tired.

- Me too.

- Let's eat and pack up and go back to the cottage to sleep tonight.

            Marinja stood still as if she was waiting for the rest of the message. He frowned and thought for a few seconds and then he sighed.

- We can't bring him.

- But he's an easy target with his limp Orlando!

- He'll be cold there, it's winter, remember?

- We're not going to leave him outside, she said stubbornly.

- You get to clean up after him.

- No problem. Did you hear that? She turned to the horse. - You can come home with us if you want!

            Home. Us. He wanted to point out how it wasn't her home, and that there was no "us". But he couldn't bring himself to saying those words. Every part of his body felt like they would break as he tried to speak. So he took another piece of the apple and shut his mouth. Marinja almost jumped when he got up and walked away to be alone. He didn't walk far before he stopped and hid behind a tree to cry. It took him several minutes to pull himself together.

            When he came back Marinja had gathered everything he had brought there and was ready to leave. She was yawning. She looked worried at him, but she said nothing as he drew the portal and let her and the horse go through. He picked up their stuff and followed into the cold cottage. Lit the fire with just a look at the fire place and put down all the stuff on a shelf.

            The horse lay down in front of the fire. Marinja crept into bed. Orlando sat down resting his back against the horse. Looking at the flames. He fell asleep. He woke up later when Marinja snuggled up against him.

- You smell.

- Good night Orlando.

- Good night Marinja. Sweet dreams. He kissed her forehead and she looked at him. Examined him. He tried not to look at her, but he caught her eyes for half a second. Then she put her head down on his shoulder again and went to sleep. Orlando put his arms around her and rested his head on hers and closed his eyes. He sat awake for a long time before he could sleep that night. He was so tired, but his brain wouldn't shut down.



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The Truth About... Creation (part2)

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          He suddenly woke up with a twitch. He had dosed off. He looked around him. It was getting lighter outside, it was almost morning. Marinja was still going strong with her work. He looked over her shoulder and found the wound to be only a third of what it had been before. And she seemed to have speed up a little too.

            It was no longer use for him making new blood cells, and soon it would be warm enough with the heat from the sun. Orlando got up and tried to rub the sleepiness out of his eyes. He walked over to the river and drank some water. Drew a cup out of nowhere and filled it. Then he brought it up and gave it to Marinja. She drank quickly and sighed.

- I know you're tired. But you're almost done now. I'll go get something to eat. When you're done we can sleep all day.

            She nodded, hardly managing to keep her eyes open. He turned and walked a few steps before she spoke.

- Is he out of danger now? He turned and smiled.

- Yes, you saved his life already. Marinja smiled like a little sunshine in the early morning hours. -  Doesn't mean you can stop now. Keep going.

Orlando walked off and in between the trees. Looked around for anything they could eat. He found some mushrooms and some blueberries that he picked and put into a big leaf. Then he pulled up a few roots he found to be safe to eat. He climbed a tree and picked a few apples and dropped down to the ground.

He found some dry wood and went to the river bank and lit a fire. Built a safe pit with some big stones. He wouldn't want to risk setting the whole planet on fire. Again he picked something out of thin air. A cauldron that he filled with some water. Then a knife. He got the food and started chopping it into pieces and threw it into the cauldron. As it was simmering he went back to check on Marinja. He found her sleeping on top of the horse. The only sign of the wound was a thin red line, hardly visible through the fur.

Orlando picked up the little sleeping girl and carried her down to the river where he gently shook her awake.

- You need to eat first. Sit up. He put a bowl with food in her hands and yawned. Marinja fell asleep between every mouthful and he had to wake her up several times before just letting her sleep.

- You did well. She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. He put out the fire and picked up Marinja again and put her down by the horse again. She would want to know when he'd wake up. Then he sat down with his back against a tree and his eyes closed immediately.


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The Truth About... Creation (part1)

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            Orlando sat down behind her and moved her hands towards the wound.

- I'll show you what to do. Look. He put his fingers down the wound and started putting things back together at the very bottom. Veins and flesh bound together again. Marinja drew back a little bit, but she couldn't escape. He was right there to catch her. - You can't close your eyes if you want to do a good job. I will help you. Don't worry. Come on. He took her hands and put them closer to the wound. She was trembling. - Breath Marinja. You can do this.

- I feel sick.

- I noticed. Just focus on one part at a time. One tiny little spot. Imagine it being bound together again. Healed. Fixed. You can do it. He moved her hand down into the wound. She was trembling terribly.

- Oh no! She wanted to run away so badly. She looked away. Into his shoulder.

- Breath Marinja. Remember to breath and everything will be alright. Just Breath. He held her hand until she could control her trembling and told her to breath. She finally calmed and turned to look at the wound. Took a few very deep breaths. - Ok. Now start at the bottom. Connect flesh to flesh, blood vessel to blood vessel. Can you see them? She nodded.

And she started. Connected a very tiny part of the horses ripped muscle back together again. And then another part. She looked at Orlando for confirmation. He nodded and smiled encouraging.

- Remember to breath.

            And she continued. One small part at a time. It was time consuming work. Once in a while she'd look at him for confirmation again. After the first blood vessel was put back together. It was so tiny, and he knew she was afraid it wouldn't transport the blood properly. But she was so careful and thorough he hardly had to help at all. He just made sure to produce new blood cells and keep the horse warm. And, he kept it light enough for Marinja to see. She hadn't noticed how late it was. Her focus was amazing. He admired her determination.


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Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake,
"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,
I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"
Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason

'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe... just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss
"Just a day" he said down to the flask in his fist,
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year."
Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while,
But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles,
Wanna hold him. Maybe I'll just sing about it.

Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table.
No one can find the rewind button, boys,
So cradle your head in your hands,
And breathe... just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

There's a light at each end of this tunnel,
You shout 'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out
And these mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again
If you'd only try turning around.

2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me,
Threatening the life it belongs to
And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to

But you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand.

and breathe, just breathe
woah breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe.

#AnnaNalick #Breathe #2AM

The Truth About... Communication (part 5)

Missed anything?


            Orlando finally got up and cut in.

- Calm down you idiot! Or do you want to die? Marinja stopped and looked at him. Since he had directed his words just at the horse, she could not understand what he was saying. The horse stopped and halted. - Yeah, you're dying, so stop acting up. She just wants to help you. Her name is Marinja by the way. The horse backed up a little bit then stopped. - Yes, I know she's dirty. Yes, she smells too. He looked at Marinja. - He doesn't want your help because you're dirty and you smell.

            Marinja looked like she was about to cry again. Orlando ignored her and walked over to the horse. Obviously, the fact that he had this power and had used it countless times, made it much easier for him to earn someone's trust.

- Thing is; your life depends on her ability to help you. So it's your choice. He turned and walked toward Marinja. - Let's see if he's as stubborn as you are. Orlando stopped with the back against the horse.

- He's coming, Marinja smiled at the horse.

- Good, he's not as stubborn as you. Wait here, I'll be right back. Orlando vanished in front of Marinja's eyes for a few seconds, and then he was back with some fabric.

- We need water, Marinja concluded with. - Where can we find water? She asked the horse and he nodded in the direction where the other horses had gone.

- Let's go.

            It was getting dark. They hadn't eaten since breakfast, but nobody was complaining. They walked slowly down toward the small river. The poor horse was in bad shape, but he was a fighter.

- Good boy! Marinja encouraged him every now and then. - Just a little longer. His fur was sweaty and when they reached the riverbank he fell down on his knees, then lay down. Breathing heavily. His head on the ground, resting.

            Orlando tore the fabric into strips and dipped them in the cold water, then starter cleaning the wound on the horse. A long tear on his flank. And it was deep.

- Can you keep him still? Marinja sat down by his head and whispered in his ear. He laid his head on her lap. What she was saying to keep him still, he had no idea, but it worked. He cleaned the wound as quickly as he could. The ground was covered with bloody sheets of fabric scraps when he was finished.

- Orlando? He's not answering anymore! He looked at Marinja.

- He just passed out from the blood loss. The cut is really deep.

- We have to hurry.

- Marinja, I'm not going to let him die. He'd be dead hours ago.

- You're keeping him alive? She said as if she couldn't really believe him.

- Off course I am! You begged for his life. Marinja got up, horse's head fell on the ground. With tears in her eyes she flung herself on Orlando and hugged him.

- Thank you!

- Okay, okay. Now go wash your hands. I need you to heel this guy.

- Me?!

- You can do it. He said it with such certainty that she couldn't argue with him.

            Marinja went and washed her hands. She came down, trembling. The water was freezing. Orlando warmed her up and told her to sit down by the wound. Seeing the wound up close made her go pale.

- At least he's knocked out. He won't bother us while we work.

- I think I'm going to be sick!

- Marinja, pull yourself together! She closed her eyes and swallowed. Took a deep breath and opened her eyes again. She got even paler, but she didn't throw up after all.

- Okay, tell me what to do!



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The Truth About Magic (links)

If you're new to the #story, just start at the top and work your way down, part by part. Feedback is always appreciated!

This story is an introduction to the magic and places used in the rest of my stories. 


The Truth About... #Magic

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Fallen Star - Kamelot (Inspiration)


The Truth About... #Love

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The Truth About... #Communication

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The Truth About... #Creation

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Beathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick (mood)


The Truth About... #Souls

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The Truth About... #Evil

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The Truth About... Air


The Truth About... Time


The Truth About... Water


The Truth About... Fire


The Truth About... Earth


The Truth About... Lightning


The Truth About... Truth

The Truth About... Communication (part 4)

Missed something? Beginning. Last part.



Marinja sat down on the ground to look less terrifying.

- Hi, she started talking to it. - I'm Marinja. She looked back at Orlando. - How do I know if he understands me?

- Gut feeling? He wasn't sure, he had never even thought about it. He just knew. He could not remember ever failing at this power. He wasn't even sure if he was using it, or if it was using him at times.

- Great, she answered and looked at the horse. - I'm Marinja, and this is my friend Orlando. She pointed at him. - I can see you're hurt. We would like to help you if you'll let us?

            There was no reaction at all. Marinja tried again with the same words. Still nothing.

- Focus on one thing at the time. When you're telling him your name, imagine yourself and put that imagine inside his head. She took a deep breath before trying again.

- I'm Marinja. A few seconds of silence. - I'm Marinja.

- Don't give up, Orlando encouraged her.

- I'm Marinja. She tried again and again and again, until she looked at him with tears in her eyes. - I can't do it. He doesn't understand me at all. He's going to die and it's my fault. I'm not doing it right.

- Yes you are! Orlando sat still and thought about it for a while. He looked at the horse and back at Marinja. Then it finally hit him.

- Try and tell him who I am again, he said slowly.

- This is my friend Orlando, she said, followed by a gasp. The horse turned his head. She looked at Orlando with her mouth open. Clearly surprised.

- You weren't doing it wrong, you just don't know what you look like. He didn't understand who you were talking about. Go on. Talk to him again.

- What was I saying? She was getting tired already from focusing.

- You were telling him we want to help him.

- Right. She turned and talked to the horse again. - We want to help you. She repeated herself a few times, but he didn't understand. - We can mend your wound. The horse snorted as a reply. - Yes we can! Another snort. - May I come over and take a closer look? No answer, but he had understood. Marinja got up and took a small step toward him. He was about to run, but he fell. Marinja acted on instinct and got closer, which only upset him further and made him get up again to run.



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Facts about: Jenele

jen means horse.

ele means planet.

The #horse #planet.

In this #magical #universe, horses are some of the #creatures most prone to having magical powers.It's a planet similar too earth. Mostly greenery, lakes, rivers, oceans, savannas, deserts, mountains... It differs greatly in its lack of seasons. It's always summer.

It's a very peaceful place. Horses live in great harmony together.

A few villages of Amans is the closest thing to human habitation.
They mainly work with the horses, taming them and selling them off to other planets as workforce. They are very helpful creatures after all, and doesn't mind the job.

(some old drawings I found) 

The horses come in every size and with just about any feature you can imagine.
#Seahorses. Electric hoofs.
#Pegasus. #Unicorn.
#Ponyta. (yes, that's a pokmon)
Covered in leaf, so they are almost impossible to find. 

The list goes on...

The Truth About... Communication (part 3)

Missed anything? Beginning. Last part.



- Don't! Marinja was about to run after it, but Orlando stopped her before she could move. - It will only make it worse. He'll bleed to death before you can even get to him.

- We're going to help it! She protested.

- Yes, but we're not going to use your way.

- It's getting away!

- He's not going to get very far. He's hurt, remember? Marinja finally stopped to listen. - We have to earn his trust, otherwise he won't let us near enough to help him.

- How?

- Communication, magic. Come on, let's find him first. They walk over to the place they had seen the horse disappear. Bloodstains showed which way he had gone. They followed as quietly as they could. It only took a few minutes before they saw him. He was lying on the ground. - Say something you can easily picture in your head. As you say it, picture it. Imagine that picture inside the horse's head too. Marinja stood still. Thinking. And thinking. Then she looked at him for help. - Tell him something about yourself?

- What's there to tell?

- Tell him where you're from? Marinja closed her eyes for a little while. Imagined her home. Then she shook her head and looked sadly at him. Not a pleasant memory.

- Ok? Let's see... Can you imagine the meaning behind the words you are saying?

- This is hard! She looked like she was going to give up before even trying.

- His life depends on your ability to use this power. He pushed her buttons and she gave him a glare before turning toward the horse, taking another two steps toward him. 


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The Truth About... Communication (part 2)

Beginning. Last part.

Considering they had been there for a whole day without seeing one, he could understand the question. But the horses were there. Watching. Hiding. Wondering who these two people were, and what they were doing there. He saw one standing in between some trees. He examined it before he moved on. Marinja hadn't seen it, so there was no point in trying to communicate with it. It had put on a disguise. Horses were naturals at using their magic. But they too would not think of going outside their strength.

- What are we going to do? Capture one?

- No, that would be cruel! We're just going to talk to it. They moved along.

- How do we talk to it?

- Same way I talk to you, he answered. Marinja stopped. - You haven't even noticed how we don't speak the same language? He turned around and looked at her.

- No? You're really good at this power.

- I've had lots of practice. A sound of thundering hoofs caught his attention. He looked into the woods and pointed. Marinja looked and moved closer. A herd of horses ran a few hundred meters away. It was a crazy sight. Flaming manes, unicorn horns, watery tails, lightning hoofs, forest green coat. The colors and variety of the horses were amazing. So different, but still the same at the bottom. They disappeared and they heard the sound of hoofs settle further down. Orlando knew they had settles down at a field to eat and rest.


He was about to start moving, but Marinja stopped him.

- Wait. She held out her hand. - One stumbled, it fell.

- It's hurt, he concluded.

- We have to help it!

            Orlando hesitated. It was badly injured. It was scared. He didn't like messing with nature's way. Sometimes creatures had to die.

- Orlando! We have to help it! She looked at him as if he was crazy. - Please!

- Fine. It will be a challenge though...

- We are going to help it! Marinja started walking toward the poor creature laying there. It was golden brown. There really was no sign of magic on this one at first glance. It wasn't fully grown. But when they looked closer, they could see a small horn sticking out. A unicorn. It would use the horn as a sort of wand, to channel its magic through. Orlando stood back. And sure enough, as Marinja approached the horse, it got up, scared and confused, and ran off. Absolutely not good for someone who was hurt.

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The Truth About... Communication (part 1)

Missed something: Beginning. Last part.


            He woke up early next morning and found Marinja sleeping right next to him. She really did smell. He reckoned she had been cold and sought out warmth. The smell made him get up and start the day. He got out and into a small shed and carried some dry wood back into the cottage. Lit a fire and poured some milk and oats into a casserole. Stirred until it had thickened nicely and ladled up two portions into bowls.

- Marinja? He woke her up gently. - It's time for breakfast. She sat up, looking all confused and disoriented.

- Right. She managed to drag herself out of her dreams and into reality. Rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and took the bowl he handed her. - Thanks.

            As they ate he tried planning ahead. What to do next. Where to go. What kind of magic to practice.

- I recon we go back to Jenele today. We're going to find some horses. Practice our communication skills. Should be interesting. Are you ready? Marinja put down her bowl. She was done eating and ready.

- I just need to run out for a quick errand...

            As soon as she got back he drew the portal, opened the door and they went back to summertime on Jenele. The horse planet. Orlando started walking and Marinja followed him. They started out at the same place as yesterday. Walked over the closest hilltop and down a valley. He stopped once in a while, listening, looking through the forest.

- What are we looking for?

- Horses.


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#Magi #Magic #Historie #Story #Fantasy #Communication #Kommunikasjon #Hest #Horse

Writers note: Harry Potter reference?

When I want to make a Harry Potter reference, but it can not possibly work out, considering we're thousands of years back in time.Oh boy...

Seriously wanted Orlando to compare using love to make a shield, to how Lily used love to protect Harry from he who must not be named. 


Sometimes forgetting about the real world is hard. Other times, forgetting about the fantasy is impossible...


Who loves Harry Potter? Books or movies? (not everyone can be book worms)

#HarryPotter #Books #Movies

The Truth About... Love (pt5)

Missed anything? Beginning. Last part.



He walked up and in between the trees. She followed and almost walked into him when he stopped.

- What's the plan?

- Defense. You need to learn how to defend yourself. 

- How? I'm not very strong... She made herself a victim. He decided not to say anything about it.

- You'll use your magic as a shield, he said, as it was a matter of fact that was pretty obvious if you thought about it a little. 

- A shield? Right... How?

- Hold out your arm, palm towards me. He showed her and she did as he asked. - Imagine your hand being impenetrable. Can you do that? She nodded, looking very serious and focused. - Imagine you palm being bigger than it really is. Do you have that imagine in your head? She nodded. - Do you believe it's there? Her hand fell and she looked at him. 

- I don't know. 

- Doubt is your worse enemy. Only one way to find out. Walk along, I'll follow you. I will be testing you.

She walked on and looked back at him several times. He didn't move until she was out of sight. He moved with magic. Jumped out in front of her. She screamed and fell to the ground. 

- I forgot, she mumbled and got up when she realized it was just him.

- Let's try again. Keep your hands ready. You have to be on guard.

- You came out of nowhere, she complained, but he ignored it.

- Again. Go on. She walked on. This time she didn't look back. He jumped out at her and she held out her hands. But he didn't attack. - Again. Same result.- Again. Same result. - Again. Same result. - Again. He felt his patience dabbing. 

- I'm hopeless.

- No, you're not. But you don't believe in yourself.

- I don't believe your going to attack me either...

- I don't want to hurt you. And that's beside the point. The point is YOU have to defend yourself!  Ward off potential threats.He lashed out towards her, but his fist stopped before he hit her, and she didn't do anything to protect herself.- You're hopeless... She looked down and rubbed her toes into the dirt. - You know I can't attack you for real.

- Why not? She challenged him.

- Because normal people don't just attack others without reason. Good people don't attack others at all.

- I guess I'll have to give you a reason then... She took a quick step toward him and pushed him. - Stop being an idiot! She turned her back on him and walked away. - Defend yourself Orlando! This made him smile, but he got the point. The next minute he had pushed her to the ground. She looked shocked. It was enough to throw her off guard, but not enough to hurt her.

- You've gotta expand that shield a lot more if you think you can turn your back on me.

- Fine! She got up and walked on again. He attacked from the front and even though she fell back, he had finally seen a tiny little hint of a shield from her hands. 

- Good! Again! He disappeared for a minute before he reappeared. She wasn't prepared and got knocked to the ground. She rubbed her bottoms as she got up again. Without disappearing he attacked again. Her arms came out in defense and he got stopped by her shield. 

- I did it! She jumped and looked like a little ray of sunshine. - I did it Orlando! He was afraid she was going to hug him.

- Yes. But I suggest you do it a little better before we're done with training defense. 

- Again, she said with a grin on her face. - Let's do this! She smacked her hands together. 

Training went much smoother after that. She made shield after shield, a little bigger every time. A little more powerful. She finally believed in herself.

- Let's say you get thrown of your game after all, can you make a shield without your hand? Try! A new challenge. First try and he got thrown back and fell to the ground. 

- I'm getting good at this! Orlando smiled back at her. Time to go advanced. His next attack really drew out the potential in her. He made it look like he had attacked from three places at once. And the effect was incredible. She shield herself inside a bubble. Protection from every possible direction. He was utterly impressed.


- How did you do that?!

- I... have no idea... She was out of breath and he realized she was getting tired. And it was getting dark. - I was not prepared for that!

- I beg the differ. You're getting good at this. You'll be able to protect yourself when you go home, no doubt about that. This wiped her smile off her face. - But... we still have a long way to go if you want to learn magic. I guess I was a bit optimistic to think this would only take a day or two.

- What are you saying?

- We're going to need at least a week. Probably two.

- I thought you said I would be able to defend myself?

- I thought you wanted to learn about magic? Not just love magic? 

- You called it love, she smirked at him.

- Whatever... He said evasively.

- No! Not whatever! Admit you were wrong! She pointed a finger at him. 

- Not happening! It's time for food and sleep. A bath wouldn't be a bad idea either. You stink. He didn't wait for a reply, knowing there was no way she would agree to taking a bath.

Orlando drew up an invisible line about the size of his door. The door appeared, looking frozen and cold. He opened it and let Marinja go through first. He followed and lit the fire with a wave of his hand. It was freezing in his cabin, but it was better than sleeping outside. It would be warm soon enough. Marinja shivered while he got some food out. She sat down as close to the flames as she could and ate her food. It was cold, obviously, but better than going to bed hungry. Some bread and cheese. 

- Marinja! Orlando noticed how Marinja's head was falling down on her chest. - Just go to bed. She got up and down into bed slowly. 

- Aren't you going to sleep?

- I don't need much sleep, he answered. - Ekir thing.

- But you're not Ekir anymore?

- Well then, maybe it's just me. Good night Marinja.

- Good night. She turned over under the blankets and he thought she fell asleep immediately. Orlando took two blankets from the bed and put one down in front of the fireplace and lay down on it. He put the other one over himself and lay there gazing into the flames for a while. 


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The Truth About... Love (pt4)

Missed something? Beginning. Last part.


- Imagine that you could choose. They were sitting on the grass by the lake. Had eaten. He was looking up at the mountaintops. Dreaming away.
- Choose what?
- Anyone. Nobody telling you who to be with. Being able to choose whoever you want. Without having to think about soul mates or peoples convictions.Without thinking about time or place, or even species. Ha suddenly looked at her, making her jump. - Who would you choose? He knew the question came suddenly and didn't expect an answer.
- Anyone? He nodded. She answered without thinking about it. - You.
- Me?
- Yes, she said it as if it was such a simple thing.
- Why in the world would you choose me? He wasn't sure whether or not she was joking, but she looked rather serious. He couldn't make himself look at her feelings. It was a surprisingly hard thing to do. He could understand her hesitation earlier. But he couldn't even begin to understand why she would choose him.
- Because you respect me. And you don't lie. He was flattered, but he didn't say anything. - How about you? Who would you choose?
- I don't know. And I guess it doesn't matter, I have no plan on living anymore anyways. Marinja turned her head away so he wouldn't see her tears.
- I'm allowed to dream a little?
- Sure. But it is pointless, isn't it? Somebody else is making the rules... It's time to get started again.
- Yeah.I guess. They both got up. Marinja stretched a little. - Why are you sad when you're looking at me?
- What? I'm not! He went straight into defense mode.
- Yes, you are!
- No, I'm not! Let's go! 

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The Truth About... Love (pt3)

If you missed something: last part. The beginning.


Place: Jenele

- Where are we?

- Jenele.

- The horse planet?! She sounded rather impressed. - It looks exactly like Amtana.

- There are several planets that look like this at first glance. Ok. He looked around. - Let's start with what you've already got, it's your strength after all.

- The love?

- Feelings. It's not just love. No limits, remember?

- How's that going to help me defend myself? She asked. Her toes where swishing gently through the grass. She was clearly loving the warm weather.

- You have to learn to see what motives people have before they act.

- But Orlando, I can't see people's feelings towards me?

- It will be vital that you learn how to.

- How do I do that?

- You have to actively use your powers.

- Can you see what people feel for you?

- No, I haven't tried. 

- So how do you know it will work? 

- It has to, or you'll be dead. He knew she had a point, but if he believed it should work, it would. He knew that from experience.

- How do I do it?

- You have to actively focus on it. Be inside their head. Set your own feelings aside and feel theirs. Practice on me.

- I don't want to practice on you! Her eyes widened. 

- How else are you supposed to practice on? She stood still and realized she had no choice. But did she really want to know how he felt about her? - Come on, concentrate. Marinja tried, but there was a barrier there. She cursed and tried again, and again. Orlando sat down and looked dejected.

- I don't need magic to see that you think I'm hopeless! She kicked the ground. Tried again.

- Take your time. He tried to be patient with her, knew her experience with magic was very limited. And she was trying. Or was she really? - Why don't you want to see what I'm feeling?

- I'm trying!

- You said you didn't want to. Why not?

- Because... She couldn't come up with a proper answer. So she shut her mouth and looked down.

- I'll try on you then.

- No!

- I have no hard feelings for you, you've got nothing to fear. Try, Marinja! She tried. - Get in touch with the magic within youself. Get inside my head.

He made her try for several hours. If he hadn't had powers himself, it would've just looked like she was standing there staring at him. But he knew better. She was, at times, getting in touch with her magic. But she had made a mental block. There was no use. 

- Let's take a break. We'll try something different after we've eaten... She looked relieved. It was a hard task he had given her. She might not look like it, but she was probably getting tired. Magic drained a lot of energy.

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The Truth About... Love (pt2)

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            They got out of bed and Orlando put out some food. They ate in silence. He knew she had many questions. And so did he. He just didn't want to talk, and she had picked up on that wish. That feeling. It was a good place to start, he thought. He had no plan for this. No idea what he was getting himself into.

- Okay, let's go. He walked over to the door and drew an invisible line around it with his finger. Marinja got up. - Portal, he explained. - We'll go some place warm, somewhere we won't get interrupted. He opened the door and let her go through first. The doorway looked like liquid frosted glass. Marinja walked through, and he followed her, closing the door behind him. Waving his hand behind him, removing the portal behind them as they stepped out on a small, green field, surrounded by a valley. A tiny lake, green grassy fields and woods as far as the eye could see. It was warm and nice, with a fresh breeze. A perfect place for a little holiday. Relaxing atmosphere. But this was no time for such a thing.

- The first thing you should know about magic is not to let your strength hinder you, Orlando began.

- What do you mean?

- Magic is first and foremost just magic. Every little piece of magic contains a strength. Yours is the feelings.

- Love, she corrected him.

- What?

- It's called love.

- Feelings. You are already limiting your powers before we have started, he lectured her.

- Okay... It's still called love.

- Feelings.

- Can we get to the point? She tactfully avoided an argument. 

- The point is; with some training it is fully possible to extract the other forms of magic, regardless of its strength. Do you understand?

- I think so, she nodded. - I can't let the strength in my magic limit me?

- That's right. Now we can start.


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The Truth About... Love (pt1)

If you missed it: Beginning. Last part.

Time: Morning

Place: Amtana, Orlando's cottage


He opened his eyes, and looked straight into her blue eyes.

- Orlando? The surprise was written across her face. She had not recognized him before he opened his eyes.

- How are you feeling? He asked.

- Am I dead? She was whispering all of a sudden.

- No.

- You're alive?

- Told I wouldn't let anything happen to you, I wouldn't be much use if I was dead. I failed you though?

- It wasn't your fault. He did not agree with her on that, but he didn't say more on the matter.

- We've got work to do, he stated and sat up. He scratched his head. He had cut his hair rather short since the last time they'd seen each other. It was rather messy.

- Work? She sat up too.

- You need to learn how to use your magic properly. I might not be the best teacher, but as there is no one else? You're just going to have to deal with me.

- You're going to teach me to use my magic? She said, eagerly.

- You need to be able to defend yourself. I can't be around forever to defend you. But first, you need a bath. You smell.

- No! There was no arguing with her. He knew that instantly.

- Marinja?

- It keeps the men away.

- And it works very well, trust me. Just jump in a puddle of mud when were done, he suggested.

- No! He just looked at her, shook his head and sighed. At least he had tried. He considered making it a deal. Clean girl for tutoring. But he decided not to. It was too important that she learned how to protect herself. It gnawed on him, knowing that most girls would never even have the opportunity. Life was cruel and unfair.

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Back at the edge of the forest

Missed something? Beginning_of_story. Last_part.

Time: a few years later, late evening

Place: forest. Amtana.


The sudden sensation hit him like a wave. It made him sick and he vomited. Covered the snow in puke. Leaned against the tree in front of him. It was half chopped and not very stable, but it had to do. After emptying his stomach he sat down, shaking. He had failed her. He felt paralyzed and for a while he couldn't even think.

He got up and with a little wink with his hand; everything he had brought with him was gone. Then he was gone himself. Gone back to the edge of the forest. And sure enough, there she was, lying on the ground, unconscious. He picked her up. She wasn't heavy. He couldn't really tell if she had grown at all. She looked exactly the same.

Up, somewhere in the forest, over the hill and down into a valley not visible to the camp, he appeared out of nowhere. A small wooden house that was hardly visible unless you got really close to it stood in front of them. He carried her inside and put her down on the bed. Made a fire in the fireplace and sat down by her side. Holding her hands between his he tried to spread some warmth into her body. He put all the blankets he could find over her and lay down, arms around her, keeping her warm through the night. Eventually he calmed down, knowing she would be alright. He fell asleep.


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